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Café Opening Soon

Yes, it’s true, a pop-up community café is to open in Archbishop’s Park, SE1 any minute now.  We’ll let you know as soon as we have the exact date. We just need to make sure that the plumbers have done their stuff with their monkey wrenches or whatever it is that they use to do plumbing things with.

The popular Oasis Hub Coffee House will reopen in the soon to be completed Tyger Café building, which was the old ticket kiosk in Archbishop’s Park, close to the Carlisle Lane entrance. The Tyger team and the Oasis Hub Posse are feverishly organising the refurb as we speak. Oasis Hub @ The Tyger Café will serve delish Monmouth Coffee espresso as well as other great food and drinks. So if you like coffee and you like parks, you’re going to love Oasis Hub @ The Tyger Café in Archbishop’s Park.

Opening Hours Oasis hub @ The Tyger Café will be open between 8am to 4pm Mondays to Fridays until September.

Tyger, Tyger… The café takes its name from the famous poem called “The Tyger” (the one that starts “Tyger Tyger burning bright…”) by former eighteenth century local celebrity resident, William Blake, whose works of art are showcased in Mosaic format in the tunnels close to the park.

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