Tyger Cafe Front 4-9-14 v2 OPENING HOURS

Mondays: Closed
Tuesdays: Closed
Wednesdays: 11am – 6pm
Thursdays: 11am – 6pm
Fridays: 11am – 6pm
Saturdays: 11am – 6pm
Sundays: 11am – 6pm

Until 1 September 2015 when the Café will Close for the year.

ABOUT THE CAFÉInside Cafe 2 v2
The Tyger Café was the brain child of Abigail Tripp, local resident and one of the Friends of Archbishop’s Park Group. Abs thought that it was a crying shame that the park had no café and thought that the old empty ticket kiosk could be put to better use. She therefore lobbied Lambeth Council  for permission to lease the old ticket kiosk and turn it into a community café and harangued The London Community Foundation for a small amount of funding to cover set up costs.

Realising she needed some help to achieve her café goals, she roped in some useful fellow locals to assist her. Together they have become a voluntary organisation called, surprise, surprise, The Tyger Café, which will become a fully fledged charity. One of the aims of the Tyger Café is to give employment and volunteer opportunities as well as work experience and training to locals, especially those who are excluded from job market and who have physical, mental health and/or learning disabilities.

Tables Outside Cafe 2v2Popping Up in 2015
Following a successful summer pop up in 2014, run in conjunction with Oasis Hub Coffee House, The café has re-opened as a pop up until the end of September 2015, this time under management of local residents, Natalie Bell and Debra Reis, who are passionate about food, friendship and fun. The café is serving quality organic and fairtrade goods and caters for special dietary needs as much as possible. However naughty treats are also available! As well as being a café, it is a friendly space where events, workshops and socials will be run. The café is also providing training and employment for local people. The idea is for everyone to feel welcome and well catered for at Tyger Café, especially children and users of the beautiful Archbishops Park…

Look out for the specials of the day…..The team can’t wait to serve you!

But why The Tyger Café with a Y?
Good question!  The café takes its name from the famous poem called “The Tyger” (the one that starts “Tyger Tyger burning bright…”) by former eighteenth century local celebrity resident, William Blake, whose works of art are showcased in Mosaic format in the tunnels close to the park’s Carlisle Lane entrance.

So, why couldn’t eighteenth century poets spell? Well, as Brits had only recently started to hear about tigers, there was no correct way of spelling the word tiger at the time. Some people spelt it with and “i” and some, including Blake, spelt it with a ”y”.  It wasn’t until much later that tiger with an “i” became the de facto English spelling.

The Café’s “Tyger” logo is based on Blake’s original drawing that accompanied his famous poem, and the logo was beautifully drawn for us by artist Patrick Bryson.


Abs in HatThe Brains – Abigail Tripp (Abs)
Social Enterprise Business Consultant, local resident, active Park user and hat wearer extraordinaire, Abs describes herself as “ a cyclist, swimmer, social entrepreneur, sailor and campaigner for social justice and green issues. I care therefore I am” and we believe her. After all, not many of us can wear a hat like that and not smile. She also has form with local charities as she helped start two: SE1 United, a Waterloo-based youth charity, and Waterloo Community Coalition (WaCoCo), a local community charity. She also runs Waterloo Women’s Network for women who live, work, play or campaign in Waterloo.


Kev-webThe Brawn – Kevin Poulton (Kev)
Project Co-ordinator for Vocational Training, South London and Maudsley NHS Trust (SLaM) and a former kitchen and bathroom designer, Kev is the mastermind and the muscle behind the café refurb on one of the tightest budgets anyone has ever seen. Given Kev’s day job, he will ensure that the café partners with SLaM to provide training and work opportunities to enable local people with disabilities to obtain the necessary skills and confidence to obtain employment in the catering industry. Go Kev!



Hugh-webThe Caterer – Hugh Walker
At last, someone with some relevant experience! Managing Director of local firm, Eden Caterers Ltd. (based round tMullet-webhe corner on Hercules Road, SE1), Hugh has 30 years of catering experience. Handily for us,  in the 1980s he developed a chain of 75 cafés throughout England and Wales so knows a thing or two about running cafés. The question is, did Hugh have a Mullet hair do like this when he developed those cafés in the 80’s though?



Moira 3-webThe Marketer – Moira Taylor
Marketing, communications and events consultant and former General Manager of LondonMICE, an SE1 based digital marketing company, Moira, would merrily market nearly anything to anyone.  She is never more happy than when jumping on some poor unsuspecting person and asking them to participate in a marketing survey or getting them to appear in a short promotional video.  Watch out!  She’s coming to a park near you very soon!



Liz-webThe Networker – Liz Hanlon
Blimey, someone else with catering experience and contacts! Full time carer, local resident and regular park user, Liz has many years of catering experience (though she won’t tell us exactly how many in case we guess her age) as well as 15 years of involvement with many disabled charities and carers organisations in Lambeth. Liz knows anyone who’s anyone in the borough and we rely on her to tell us what’s going on and who’s doing it. Phew, thank goodness someone’s got their finger on the pulse.



Natalie Bell croppedNatalie Bell
Natalie is a community activist who has lived and worked in SE1 for over 25 years. She has been involved in community and youth projects including SE1 United youth forum, Coin Street Community Builders, St Johns Sculpture Garden, WaCoCo, Waterloo Greening Trust and Redwood Housing Co-op. Her work life has involved managing local restaurants, being a fashion designer, organising events, lecturing in youth work, running charities and fundraising. “I love people and food…. creativity and community…. the cafe will reflect these passions and bring something simply exciting to Archbishop’s Park and the local residents with something for everyone. Can’t wait to see you at Tyger Cafe!”



Debra Reis croppedDebra Reis
Debra has lived near Blackfriars Road SE1 since 2002 as the Estate Manager for the Hopton Gardens Almshouse which entails overseeing the day to day running of the estate, and supporting 25 senior residents of retirement age. She has also volunteered for SE1 United Young Leaders Academy for the last 10 years, where she has taken a group of young people to Cuba and supported the “Health is Wealth” project with healthy eating promotions. “I am passionate about history, art and the local community and bringing people together to improve their lives and opportunities. I believe everyone should have inclusive access to education and having the best experiences in life possible. I hope many young people and residents needing work experience and training can benefit from the Tyger Cafe. A passion of mine is cooking food of the world and I am planning some delicious Dishes of the Day!”


To find out about what’s going on at the café and the park as well as finding out about events, community news and daily/weekly specials please sign up to our mailing list via the sign up button at the bottom of the page. It’s very easy and we only ask you for your email address and not loads of other info like your inside leg measurement.

So that’s us. But what about you? Let us know who you are and what you ‘d like to see in the café by getting in touch with us at: